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I am a Brighton and Hove based Astrologer and Tarot consultant. I also work from Neal’s Yard Therapy Rooms in Convent Garden , London.

 I run various workshops and I am available for private consultations.

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“Astrology represents the sum of all the psychological knowledge of antiquity” ~ Carl Jung Swiss Psychiatrist and Psychoanalyst

What is Astrology?

Astrology can bring insights to many areas of your life such as relationships, vocation, health and more. In a consultation you have the opportunity to explore these areas in depth as well as gain an understanding of where you are in your life cycle and  what this means to you on a personal level. The Birth Chart accurately reflects a comprehensive picture of your inner landscape.

What is Tarot?

The Tarot cards portray the different stages of an archetypal journey in life which all human beings much undertake. Tarot is a kind of mirror of the physche, revealing underlying and hidden unconscious knowledge. The cards can act as mirrors, bringing information and important images to our attention. When you are standing in a crossroad in life and need to make important decisions, Tarot can be of great assistance and guidance.